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Endowment IndexTM

NASDAQ image Endowment Index<sup>TM</sup>

The Endowment IndexTM is an objective benchmark for investors who implement a three dimensional portfolio that incorporates alternative investments.  This investable* index is used for portfolio comparison, investment analysis, research and benchmarking purposes by fiduciaries such as trustees, portfolio managers, consultants and advisors to endowments, foundations, trusts, DB/DC plans, pension plans and individual investors.  The Endowment IndexTM has been co-created by Endowment Wealth Management, Inc. and ETF Model Solutions, LLC.


Endowment Index Fact Table2 300x140 Endowment Index<sup>TM</sup>

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NOTE: Endowment Index™ pricing and historical data are available from Morningstar, Interactive Data, and Bloomberg.  Pricing data for the Endowment Index™ is available through ost major quote providers.For some data providers, such as Google Finance, entering the symbol “ENDOW” will be enough to access live index data. However, for some providers, a precursor to the must be entered, for example:  Yahoo! Finance:  ”^ENDOW”, Schwab Streetsmart Edge: “$ENDOW”.  If your quote provider does not currently provide you with data on the Endowment Index™, please submit a request to your provider rep or their technical support team.

The Morningstar ID for the Endowment Index™ is: F00000TPG6

For more information about the Endowment IndexTM, contact EWM at 920.785.6010.



EWM and ETFMS research was unable to uncover any readily-available, broad public index for tracking three-dimensional, endowment-type portfolios (i.e. globally diversified across equities, fixed income, and alternative investments).  Thus, we set out to create an index that:

  • was based upon an objective methodology
  • selected investable underlying index components in an objective manner
  • was widely disseminated and accessible to institutional investors, investment professionals, and retail investors
*Refers to underlying components.  Reported index results do not have fees and expenses.  You typically cannot invest directly into an index.

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