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Endowment IndexTM

NASDAQ image Endowment Index<sup>TM</sup>

The Endowment IndexTM is an objective benchmark for investors who implement a three dimensional portfolio that incorporates alternative investments.  This investable* index is used for portfolio comparison, investment analysis, research and benchmarking purposes by fiduciaries such as trustees, portfolio managers, consultants and advisors to endowments, foundations, trusts, DB/DC plans, pension plans and individual investors.  The Endowment IndexTM has been co-created by Endowment Wealth Management, Inc. and ETF Model Solutions, LLC.


Endowment Index Fact Table2 300x140 Endowment Index<sup>TM</sup>

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NOTE: For some data providers, such as Google Finance, entering the symbol “ENDOW” will be enough to access live index data. However, for some providers, a precursor to the must be entered, for example:  Yahoo! Finance:  ”^ENDOW”, Schwab Streetsmart Edge: “$ENDOW”.  If your quote provider does not currently provide you with data on the Endowment Index, please submit a request to your provider rep or their technical support team.

For more information about the Endowment IndexTM, contact EWM at 920.785.6010.



EWM and ETFMS research was unable to uncover any readily-available, broad public index for tracking three-dimensional, endowment-type portfolios (i.e. globally diversified across equities, fixed income, and alternative investments).  Thus, we set out to create an index that:

  • was based upon an objective methodology
  • selected investable underlying index components in an objective manner
  • was widely disseminated and accessible to institutional investors, investment professionals, and retail investors
*Refers to underlying components.  Reported index results do not have fees and expenses.  You typically cannot invest directly into an index.

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