Unified Managed Accounts

At Endowment Wealth Management we primarily use Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) for our clients which are held at independent custodians. Unified Managed Accounts are the latest advancement in holding assets, being different than Separately Managed Accounts (SMA).

An UMA is an investment vehicle that can hold multiple asset classes, styles and products in a single account. An UMA offers a diversified, tax-aware, multi-asset portfolio in a single account whose contents are designed to meet our client’s specific investment needs. We offer our clients access to institutional quality money managers at greatly reduced minimums, with streamlined paperwork and reasonable costs.

UMA models can be constructed using best-of-breed Separately Managed Accounts, Third Party Strategists, ETFs, Mutual Funds or a combination.

The main client benefits of UMAs can be summarized as follows:

  • Single statement from a single source
  • Combine several asset types in a single portfolio
  • Access leading money managers with low minimums
  • Avoid wash sales
  • Rebalance across managers and asset types
  • Harvest gains and losses for tax management
  • Social screening