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EWM Weekly Capital Market Highlights for Week Ended 08/10/2018

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  • Global equity markets were mostly up on the week through Thursday. Of major markets, Russia and Latin America lagged the most, returning -4.2% and -3.5%, respectively. On the other end, China was the market leader for the week along with other major markets in Asia.
  • The Treasury yield flattened modestly through Thursday. Yields on notes and bonds with maturities longer than three years decreased slightly, while shorter-term maturities saw a slight increase.
  • Commodities were slightly positive for the week. Energy and Gold were the largest detractors through Thursday., whereas Agriculture fared much better.
  • The US Dollar rose this week against a basket of major trade partners’ currencies. The index has experienced somewhat of a rally off lows from earlier in the year, as it seems the currency may be “winning” the trade war..
  • In other economic news: The Federal Reserve’s (the Fed) balance sheet is up $2.4 billion for the week, and assets reside at $4.258 trillion in total. However, they are down $202.4 billion from the balance sheet unwinding that began in October 2017.

Click here to download the complete weekly report: EWMWeeklyReview 8.10.18

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