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EWM Weekly Capital Market Highlights for Week Ending 10/4/2019

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  • US equities began the week on a disappointing note on concerns of an economic slowdown, with all broad-level indices in negative territory. However, markets rebounded later in the week in anticipation of employment figures being released. Additionally, large caps outperformed small caps; growth outperformed value; domestic stocks outperformed international stocks; and emerging markets outperformed developed markets.
  • Flight to quality was evident in the fixed income markets earlier last week, as the yield on the 2-year U.S. Treasury Note, which is highly sensitive to the outlook for Fed policy, fell to 1.38%, its lowest level since 2017. The 10-year Treasury yield declined to 1.53%, while the 30-year Treasury yield tumbled to 2.05% in the aftermath of weak manufacturing data.
  • Oil prices declined throughout the week on news of an unexpected rise in US crude supplies and concerns about overall global demand. The weak economic data led to a rally in gold but hit a roadblock later in the week after optimistic employment figures were released.
  • US Dollar Index traded lower during the week, after scaling a 30-day high on October 1. Since then, it drifted down, as investors lowered their expectations for the Fed to cut rates after Friday’s job report.

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