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EWM Weekly Capital Market Highlights for Week Ending 8/2/2019

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  • Global equity markets were led by Japan and Turkey, which posted returns between 19 and 24 basis points through Thursday. India and Argentina, down more than 3.10% and 4.30%, respectively, were the worst performers.
  • The Treasury yield curve shifted downward through Thursday. Yields across the curve fell precipitously in response to the Fed’s rate cut.
  • Commodities were broadly down on the week. Oil, agriculture, and precious and industrial metals were down on the week.
  • The US dollar strengthened against a basket of major trade partners’ currencies. The dollar index remains at highs not seen since 2017.
  • In other economic news: The US trade deficit grew in January as exports fell due to ongoing trade tensions. Construction spending fell 1.30% in June in a greater drop than economists had forecast. The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Survey approached post-crisis heights in July, as unemployment remains low.

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