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EWM Weekly Capital Market Highlights for Week Ending 8/9/2019

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  • Domestic equities were down for the week, with small cap stocks decreasing the most. International equities ended the week in negative territory, falling more than their domestic counterparts, with emerging markets stocks faring the worst.
  • Treasury yields across the curve declined through end-of-day Thursday, with longer-term yields falling more than shorter-term yields.
  • The US dollar weakened against a basket of major trade partners’ currencies during the week, reflecting increased fears over currency wars.
  • Commodities contracted for the week, as declining energy prices outweighed the strong week for gold.
  • In other economic news, The Producer Price Index for final demand increased by 0.20% last month, bringing the final demand index up 1.70% for the 12 months ended in July. The muted producer prices may be a result of the prolonged global trade war, which some analysts believe is causing a slowdown in manufacturing.

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